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Jack Ohman's Editorial Cartoons
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R.I.P., Race, Racecar, Rachel, Racial, Racial Discrimination, Racism, Raid, Railway, Rain, Rally, Ralph, Rat, Rate, Ratify, Re-election, Reach, Reaction, Read, Ready, Reagan, Ronald Reagan, Ronald Reagan Obituary, Real, Real News, Real Time, Reality, Really, Reason, Reboot, Recall, Recollection, Recommendation, Record, Recording, Recount, Recreational, Red, Red Sox, Redistricting, Reef, Refer, Reform, Refuge, Refugee, Refund, Regular, Regularly, Regulation, Regulations And The Economy, Relationship, Relax, Religion, Religious, Remain, Remember, Remember When, Remembrance, Remote, Removal, Rent, Rental, Rep, Repeal, Rephrase, Replacement, Report, Reporter, Representation, Representative, Republican, Republican Candidate, Republican Democrat, Republican National Committee, Republican Party, Republican Politician, Republican President, Republican Senate, Request, Rescue, Research, Residence, Resign, Resignation, Resort, Respect, Response, Responsibility, Responsible, Restaurant, Restore, Restriction, Result, Resume, Retail, Retailer, Retaliation, Retirement, Return, Reverend, Reverse, Reverse Mortgage, Review, Rhetoric, Ribbon, Rican, Rich, Richard, Rick, Rico, Rid, Ride, Rifle, Right, Right To Life, Right-wing, Rights, Ring, Roadster, Rob, Robert, John Roberts, Rock, Rocket, Rod, Rodham, Roe, Roger, Mitt Romney, Ronald, Ronnie, Room, Roseanne, Round, Round Up, Marco Rubio, Rude, Rule, Rule Of Law, Ruling, Run, Run Into, Russia, Russia Collusion, Russia Investigation, Rut, Ruth, Ryan, Paul Ryan.

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