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Jen Sorensen's Editorial Cartoons
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Dad, Dade, Daily, Dakota, Dallas, Dallas Sniper, Dam, Damage, Dammit, Damn, Dan, Dance, Dancing With The Stars, Dandy, Danger, Dangerous, Dangerously, Dangle, Stormy Daniels, Dank, Danny, Dare, Darfur, Dark, Dark Ages, Dark Money, Darkness, Darling, Darn, Darren, Das, Data, Data Collection, Data Mining, Database, Date, Daughter, Dave, David, Davis, Dawg, Dawn, Day, Day Care, Day Of The Dead, Daydream, DC Memorial, Bill De Blasio, Dead, Dead End, Deadline, Deadly, Deal, Dealer, Dean, Dear, Dear Diary, Death, Death And Taxes, Death Of A Child, Death Panel, Death Star, Debate, Debbie, Debit, Debit Card, Debris, Debt, Debt Ceiling, Debt Problem, Debunk, Debut, Decade, Decal, Deceased, December, Decency, Deception, Decide, Decidedly, Decimation, Decision, Decision Points, Declare, Decline, Decoy, Decree, Deduction, Dee, Deedle, Deem, Deep, Deep Breath, Deep Down, Deep End, Deep Sea, Deep State, Deep Thought, Deep Water, Deep-fried, Deeply, DEET, Default, Defeat, Defend, Defender, Defense, Defense Of Marriage Act, Defense Spending, Deference, Defiant, Deficit, Definition, Definitive, Defraud, Degrade, Degrader, Degree, Deke, Delano, Delaware, Delay, Delectable, Delegate, Delicacy, Delinquent, Deliver, Delivery, Delorean, Delta, Deluge, Demagogue, Demand, Demeanor, Demise, Democracy, Democrat, Democratic, Democratic Base, Democratic Candidate, Democratic Convention, Democratic Debate, Democratic Party, Democratic Voter, Democrats And Women, Demographic, Demon, Demonic, Demonization, Demonize, Demonstration, Den, Denial, Denier, Denmark, Denounce, Dental, Dentist, Denver, Deny, Deodorant, Department, Department Of Homeland Security, Department Store, Depend, Dependence, Dependent, Depiction, Depletion, Deploy, Deposit, Depression, Depression Economy, Dept, Depth, Derail, Deranged, Derby, Deregulation, Derivative, Descend, Descendant, Describe, Desert, Desert Animal, Deserve, Design, Designer, Desirable, Desk, Desktop, Despair, Desperation, Despise, Despite, Dessert, Destitution, Destroy, Destruction, Detach, Detail, Detainment, Detect, Detector, Detention, Deter, Detergent, Determine, Deterrent, Detroit, Devalue, Devastation, Develop, Developer, Development, Device, Devil, Devo, Devolution, Betsy DeVos, Devote, Dew, Dewey, Dewhurst, Diabetes, Diabetic, Diagnosis, Dial, Dialect, Dialogue, Diary, Diatribe, Dick, Dickinson, Dictator, Dictatorship, Didn't, Die, Diego, Diesel, Diet, Dietary, Difference, Different, Differentiate, Differently, Difficult, Dig, Dig Deep, Digestive, Digital, Digital Communication, Digital Currency, Digitally, Dignity, Dilapidated, Dilemma, Diligent, Dimension, Din, Diner, Dining Out, Dining Room, Dinner, Dinner Salad, Dinosaur, Dioxide, Diploma, Diplomacy, Diplomatic, Dipstick, Direct, Direct Deposit, Direction, Directions, Directly, Director, Director Nominee, Director Of National Intelligence, Dirk, Dirt, Dirty, Dirty Laundry, Disability, Disappointment, Disaster, Disaster Preparedness, Disastrous, Disc, Discharge, Disclaimer, Disclose, Disclosure, Disco, Discount, Discount Goods, Discourage, Discover, Discovery, Discrepancy, Discrimination, Discriminatory, Discuss, Discussion, Disdain, Disease, Diseased, Disenfranchisement, Disgrace, Disguise, Dish, Dishonesty, Dishwasher, Disinfect, Disinfectant, Disinformation, Disinterested, Dislike, Dismembered, Dismiss, Disparity, Display, Disposable, Dispose, Dispute, Disrupt, Disruption, Disruptive, Disruptor, Dissatisfaction, Dissent, Disservice, Dissident, Dissolve, Distant, Distinction, Distinguish, Distraction, Distribution, District, District Court, Disturb, Diverse, Diversity, Divest, Divide, Divider, Divination, Division, Divisive, Divisiveness, Divorce, DIY, Dmv, DNA, Do, Do Not Call, Do Not Call List, Lou Dobbs, Doc, Docile, Doctor, Doctors Without Borders, Document, Dodge, Does, Doesn't Matter, Dog, Dog Breed, Dog Days Of Summer, Dog Food, Dog In Car, Dog Training, Dog Whistle, Dog Year, Doggie, Doggie Door, Dogs And Squirrels, Doing, Doll, Dollar, Dollar Bill, Dolt, Dom, DOMA, Domain, Dome, Domestic, Domestic Terrorism, Domestic Violence, Dominance, Dominant, Domination, Don, Don't, Don't Ask Don't Tell, Don't Mind, Donald, Donald Trump Federal Budget, Donald Trump's Cabinet, Donate, Donate Money, Donation, Done, Done Taxes, Done This Before, Done With It, Donkey, Donor, Doofus, Doogan, Doom, Doomsday, Door, Doormat, Dope, Doppelganger, Dos, Dose, Dot, Double, Doubt, Douglas, Dow, Dow Jones, Down, Downhill, Download, Downsize, Downtown, Dozen, Dr. Oz, Drab, Drag, Dragon, Drama, Dramatic, Dramatically, Draw, Drawing Board, Dream, Dreamer, Dress, Dressing, Dressing On The Side, Driftwood, Drill, Drink, Drink Up, Drive, Drive-thru, Driver, Driver's License, Driveway, Driving Pollution, Driving Safety, Driving Texting, Drone, Drool, Drooly, Drop, Drop Dead, Drop Down, Drop It, Dropout, Drought, Drown, Drudge, Drug, Drug Abuse, Drug Addiction, Drugstore, Drunk, Drunk At A Bar, Drunk Driving, Drunken, Dry, Dryer, Dryer Sheet, Dual, Dubious, Duck, Dude, Due, Due To, Dues, Duh, Duke, David Duke, Dull, Dump, Dumpster, Dung, Dungeon, Dunno, Duo, Duplicity, During, Dust, Dust Bowl, Dust To Dust, Duty, DVD, Dweller, Dylan.

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