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Jeff Danziger's Editorial Cartoons

Published 2012-01-25 (Image 75898)

Predictions from Your Financial Cable Station. Were back! Im Fluffy Hairdew talking to Les Bushwah of Wall Street. Good to be here. Les, as we look forward to 212, how can our viewers make tons of money simply by picking up clues from just watching tv? Well, Fluffy, that should be easy. A piece of cake. Great! Sure, see the trick in making money in Wall Street is to buy at a low price and then later ... when the price goes up you sell it and keep the difference. Wow, Les, that is just amazing. So, to re-cap, the thing is to buy at a lower price than you finally sell it for. You catch on quick. Hee-hee. Thats why Im on financial television! Among other reasons. Ha-ha! Well, youre sweet. But to review for our viewers, they want to buy low and then sell after the stock goes up. Exactly! And what should they do if the stock doesnt go up ... What? Well, thats all we have time for ... I want to thank my guest ... Well, you can shoot yourself. You can jump out the window ... Look! Wow. Yes!

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