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Jeff Danziger's Editorial Cartoons

Published 2019-06-13 (Image 178133)

Trump Reveals Famous Nicknames in American History. George Washington! Hes washed up! See? Hah! He never told a lie. Hey. Me neither. Thomas Jefferson. (Wheres Sally? Hah!) He wrote the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Thanks for nothin, T.J. Ben Franklin. I call him Cranky Franky. Hah! Whats with the hair? Go fly a kite, Cranky! Abe Lincoln. Great guy! Great! No, I mean really a great guy. Abe in the nabe! Weirdo beardo, but great! F de R. Wheelchair Boy! Fear itself. Thats all to fear? You aint seen nothin yet, rosebud. Dwight Eisenhower. Dwight the fright. Thats what I call him. Bald but, Tough. Saloot! Jeff Kay. My man! Boppin Marilyn Monroe. You go Jay! Grab em by the grassy knoll. Tricky Dicky. I call him Peach Man. Old nottacrook. Old needashave. Love that. Southern strategy! El Be Jay. Which way to the john, son? Old Flappy Ears I call him. Hah! Her with his dog (right). Ulysses Grant. I call him Useless. Geddit? I think he invented whiskey or something. The Bushes. Father and son. Not bad, but not as good as me and my boys. Wow! President Eric! Jimmy Cottah. Old Peanuthead. Old One and done. Go build a house, Jimmy. Raynald Rongun (check spelling). Best president ever, except for me of course. Bill Clinton. Uh ... Im not Bill Clinton, you idiot. So who are you? Im Harry Truman. Oh, wanna hear your nickname? You wanna hear yours? To be discontinued ...

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