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Jeff Danziger's Editorial Cartoons

Published 2020-11-02 (Image 185859)

White people with attitude. Your right thumb print. Your other right thumb print. Application form. Wack County Militia. Defending freedom. Ducking taxes. Call 1-666-WACKJOB or get us on the internet wack.com. Name. Address. Your secret code name. Make one up. Where we can find you when the jack-booted robots of the federal government come to seize our precious essence. P.S. Is your home rigged to explode? Just curious. Previous military experience. US Army. US Navy. Tom Clancy novels. Highest rank attained: Rank qualified for: Mess cook. Colonel. Company clerk. Admiral. Tank mechanic. Brigadier General. Bugler. Major General. Or higher if you still have the bugle. Your core beliefs. Do you believe: Elvis is alive. The government is out to get us. Jared is a space alien. Black lives dont matter to you. Steve Bannon is actually dead. No once can see you if you are wearing camouflage fatigues. If you score at least 4 youre one of us. Welcome friend. Attach photos. Full face. Profile. Note: Your local police may have extras. Oath of a Legions. I pledge a legions to the Unfried Steaks of Amelia and the Republican Fort Wigitstans. All the rest have 31 except my Grandmother who drives a Ford. You betcha. Or my name aint. Sign here. Suggested secret names if you cant think of a good one: Green Arrow, White Tornado, Captain Midnight, The Flash, Il Duce.

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